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Apply for accreditation

The Skin Health Alliance awards its professional dermatological accreditation mark to those products and services where scientific and clinical research achieve or surpass the skin safety criteria as requested by the Skin Health Alliance Accreditation Committee.

Who is suitable?

The mark is available to all those manufacturers and brands that are able to prove their products are not detrimental to skin health and are happy to submit all the evidence and scientific data required. The SHA has strict testing benchmarks against which submissions will be reviewed.

Application process

  • Brand makes initial approach for those products seeking SHA dermatological accreditation
  • Scientific dossiers submitted to the SHA independent committee for assessment.
  • Committee returns initial feedback and if necessary requests further scientific or clinical evidence
  • Once committee is satisfied all the SHA standards have been met, dermatological accreditation is awarded

Costs of accreditation

The costs of SHA dermatological accreditation is determined by the number of product categories and the geographical regions where the mark will be used.

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