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Documents you need

Research and development teams from the product or service under review must provide scientific evidence and data proving safety and quality. There are several pieces of evidence requested, but some of the information the SHA Accreditation Committee will initially look for include:

  • A brief introduction to the company, its heritage and the product seeking accreditation.
  • A breakdown of the variants to be accredited under this agreement.
  • Brief biographical details about the scientific team involved in the product research.
  • A list of the current national and global directives from within the territories where the product will be sold and the SHA accreditation used. Confirmation that the product under review meets these directives.
  • Evidence that the individual components used in formulations and the finished product are safe to users.
  • Evidence that the ingredients are neither mutagenic nor teratogenic.
  • A breakdown on user and clinical trials data and access to the research data that will be used to confirm the products claims or benefits.
  • Copies of relevant scientific journal papers and abstracts featuring the product research and a list of where these have been presented.
  • Evidence of worker safety at every level of the research, design and manufacture of the product.
  • The environmental impact of the research, design, manufacture, packaging and disposal of the product.
  • The number and nature of consumer complaints (dermatological and systemic) and the processes in place for dealing with these. If a product is new to market, the processes in place for dealing and resolving existing and any future consumer complaints.
  • Plans for ongoing research or user trials.