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Benefits of accreditation

There are several benefits both to the consumer and the manufacturer in being awarded the Skin Health Alliance Accreditation Mark.

Benefits to the consumer

  • SHA accredited products provide consumers with peace of mind as they are skin safe when used properly
  • Assures them that the science and research behind a product is robust
  • Assures them that the product meets international regulatory standards
  • Assures them that the product is not harmful to the environment at any stage in its development, manufacture or disposal
  • By using SHA accredited products consumers know they are helping to fund treatments and cures for the millions of skin disease sufferers around the world

Benefits to brands

  • Communicates to consumers the skin safety credentials of a brand
  • Provides a visible marker communicating that a brand’s research holds up to the scrutiny of leading international dermatologists
  • Illustrates that a brand takes its consumer, environmental and regulatory responsibilities seriously
  • By participating in the SHA accreditation scheme brands are helping to fund legitimate skin disease and skin cancer research charities around the globe

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