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What is accreditation

SHA dermatological accreditation is the new skincare industry must have. At a glance, it gives consumers the reassurance and confidence that a brand takes its scientific and clinical research seriously and that the promotion of healthy skin is of paramount importance. Wherever consumers see the ‘dermatologically accredited’ mark, they know that a product has been tested to meet the rigorous SHA criteria which means that it is skin-safe and that any claims are evidenced by robust scientific and clinical research.

Consumer confidence

Skin care industry scientists have always adopted a rigorous approach to research and product development. SHA accreditation is a huge step forward for the industry which has on occasion been accused of misleading consumers. Consumers are of paramount importance to industry, and if the SHA provides them with a high level of confidence in terms of safety and efficacy then many leading brands will be keen to embrace this new consumer-focused accreditation.

Assessment carried out by the Skin Health Alliance supports the scientific and clinical evidence that a product is not detrimental to skin health. The Skin Health Alliance opinion applies only to the products carrying the dermatological accreditation mark. Products should be used only for their intended purpose and strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions at all times.

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